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Is it true the the new version of kaza, kazalite, has no spyware or add ware? I'm still looking for a good file sharing program.
Yep, even the latest Ad-aware reg files don't detect it anymore (it uses a dummy file). But you seem to think that KazaaLite is an official version. If that's what you think, it's not. It's a hacked version without the spyware. http://www.kazaalite.com also has a few other programs with spyware removed like Audiogalaxy.
The Cyberarmy tell you how to remove the spyware if you have Kazaa.

I can't remember which files you had to edit as I don't use file sharing progs any more.
The NEWEST kazaa 7.1 has fixed the hack to remove the cydoor.dll. Anyways winmx is still better.... I RARELY see multi thread in kazza. Nor can you REALLY edit the bandwitdh it uses. Also I pay for Audio galaxy gold... very good deal actually considering the speed I get, no spyware there.
Originally posted by Arakon@June 11 2002,07:36

dunno about gold, but the standard audiogalaxy sattelite installed a whole shitload of spyware here.

Yeah, the latest version doesn't let you install the program w/o the spyware (I've been told). It's a forced upgrade too. As mentioned above you can get a spyware free install at http://www.kazzalite.com which I haven't been able to connect to in a couple of days. Looks like you can get it from here too: http://spywarefreeag.ods.org/agsatellite/
AG Gold has no spyware. Firewall only asks to connect to the standard AG server, Ad Aware shows nothing, (Only couple cookies) but nada. AGG is VERY fast and good! Id recommend it to those who Like mp3 DL. (Even tho I dont use much LOL)