KOF2k announced for Dreamcast.


if you can't read it, it says there's going to be a DC edition.

If this is old news to you people, then ignore it.

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That second line in the top text image is "Dreamcast" (well, more like "dori-mukyasuto", but you get the idea) in katakana. Also, the banners at the bottom for Last Blade 2 and Garou (two relatively recent games that also happen to have DC ports) probably aren't a coincidence.
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sounds like wishful thinking to me since SNK isnt really around anymore, and the dreamcast isnt what you would call a profitable system, but i hope its true.

and SNK isn't really a profitable company.

they are still around, they have just changed their name to PLAYMORE.

If you want to use Babelfish to translate it, this is what it says in the first paragraph on the left hand side "... Furthermore, in the latest dream cast edition at the time of 2p opposition mode..."

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I just hope that I'd a port more like the others King of Fighters and not like that crappy Garou port (graphically speaking).

Anyway, It is a must have if it is released.
King of Fighters 2000 is supposed to have new strikers,and new backgrounds.And,hey!Yes it has been anounced if you're still aking your self about that.
There are still SNK franchises going though. I read on a site that KOF2K2 is in development and whoever's doing it (Playmore?) are inviting ideas from the fans as to characters, backgrounds, all that kind of stuff. If this interests anyone I can go hunt down a link.
Yes Kof2k2 is about to be in the making,and Eolith asked the Fans wich characters they would like to see in the sequel and wich not...