konami's msx collection

i was just wondering if somebody succeeded in using other roms than the ones from konami, playing this 'official emulator' it seemed to be using the original's games unmodified code, i haven't actually tried msx emulation on pc & dunno much about it, or else i'd've gone further into this.. only looked at the files & it looked fairly easy to hack into in order to add some menus/pages with more roms..

anybody tried something with this one?
That's one of those things I kept meaning to do but never did. Maybe I'll take a shot at it this weekend.

I have a question though, have you removed the roms from the disc and run them in an MSX emulator? They may not be the actual roms that the MSX used.

I'll try later I guess.
Not likely. I think those .bin files are recompiled games. They share no common data with the original MSX ROMs, are invaild ROM sizes, and even when padded properly cannot be executed in an emulator.