lan-kwei modchip on a 64pins model2 Saturn ;[

hi there,

I got myself a modchip from lan-kwei before I came here...

it took 2 months to receive it, and it doesn't work ;[

I put the signal cable on the 8th pin of the 64 pins chip : NO LUCK

ain't there a way ?

do i HAVE TO buy a chip from gizmo-whatever ?

anyone willing to trade a 32 pins saturn for a 64 pins saturn ?

thanks for any advice!
I'm afraid that it seems that you really do need to buy a GameGizmo mod if you have a 64pin Saturn - there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it.

I have a few spare 32 pin CD units, but I don't know if they will work in your Saturn (I'm assuming you are in the US? I'm in Australia). Postage might be a bugger too...
you got stuff from lan-kwei? I sent them money 3months ago, they received it, and nothing came! they don't even answer my e-mails or FAXes.... for me they are thieves... the least they could do is answer....

oh, have u tried mal's method for modding? the 1st thread in this section, it is sticky!
Swapping CD boards with Curtis is probably your best bet.

I've tried everything I can with Lan Kwei mods in 64 pin Saturns, but have had no luck.
Originally posted by leeperry@Jan. 27 2003, 10:42 pm

hey great replies

i'm from the netherlands, can we still trade boards ?

i have a pal saturn btw

OK...lets trade then.

You have a new PM
but don't you think I could have fucked the modchip by plugging it to the 64 pins chip ?

so much fu**n trouble to play RADIANT SILVERGUN, I tell you ???

Ikaruga on DC was much easier to fire up, and also great

PS : could I check "somehow" if the modchip still works ?
You may have damaged the mod by handling it incorrectly or by connecting it to the wrong voltage, but in my experience, correctly installing a mod into a 64 pin Saturn will not damage it.

The only way I can think of checking if the mod still works wouild be by installing it in a 32 pin Saturn and testing it. Not much use to you really. *shrug*
i installed a lik-sang modboard on my 21/64 pin pal saturn today and it works perfectly. the modboard is facing away from the center and the contacts on the ribbon cable are facing to the bottom. first it was facing upwards and i thought this should be the right way, but i got the disc format screen, big spheres and no sound. but now everything is working. THANKS for the A+B method i surely would have fried my saturn without that ...
It's odd that some people have success with a Lan Kwei mod in a 64 pin Saturn.

It's not a bad thing, just odd.