Lan-Kwei - positive/negative experiences


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I've never really felt the need for a modchip, but it's getting a bit annoying to use my ST-Key then quickly switch to the memory cart to play Japanese games. With that in mind, a mod chip takes care of the country lockout, right? (You'd think I would know this by now)

Reason I ask is the website states you may want to buy a Universal 3in1 to play imports in conjunction with the modchip(?).

Also, has anyone had positive or negative experiences with Lan-Kwei? Seems like Lik-Sang has been screwing people over left and right... I want to purchase a SS modchip from them (if the above is true).

A mod board only takes care of the security ring and lets you play CDRs.

Satconv on a CD image, a cart like an AR or switches will take care of the country code.

I'd stop swapping carts as soon as possible if I were you. It's not good for the Saturn.

If you're going to get a mod board, check what sort of 21 pin Saturn you have first; 32 pin, 64 pin or Sanyo CD board.

Except for the fact that their mod boards don't seem to work with 64 pin Saturns, I've had no trouble with stuff from Lik-Sang or Lan-Kwei.
Originally posted by DBOY@Aug. 26 2002, 1:36 pm

My lan-kwei chip fried out a week after i got it but it could have just been shitty luck.

they use exactly the same modchips that consoleking and lik-sang do i think you will find, so it doesnt really make any difference where you buy it from as far as relibility goes
So, I really don't need a modchip, but just a 3in1 or 4in1.

Well, that's a bid ridiculous, but I guess that's how it goes. Thanks for all your help!