Legend of Oasis


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There's an area under the Forest of Earth (at the end of the river) that can only be opened after obtaining the air spirit. What i want to know is what the point of this area is. I don't remember getting anything important there (except for learning the motion for the Dragon Smash technique). In one of the areas I somehow triggered the appearance of a number of zombies; at that point I left the area, and I have not been able to get them to appear again. As far as I can tell, this area is optional. Unfortunately, the only complete walkthrough on GameFAQs is of the "perform these steps in sequence" style, so it's a bit difficult to use it as a reference.
I think there was, a gem hidden in the same obelisk that teaches you the dragon smash thingy, just use the Dragon Smash thingy on it I think the gem was of brass, but i'm not sure, but for sure there is a gem there... or a scroll... i haven't played it in ages.
I think you're right, but it seems like that can't be the only thing; it's a #### of a lot of trouble to go through (designing it, I mean) to only have the one gem/scroll there...