legend of oasis

did u guys use a faq? cuz i havent played it in like 6 months now cuz im stuck at the very end. it seems im a key short of something. i have all the spirits, in the final dungeon =/
I've beaten it as well but that was a few years ago. I think the 2 player mode might of been accessed through a code if I remember right.
From Gamefaqs:

2-Player Mode

Press Z then hold L and X. After releasing L and X, a second Leon will appear. To make him go away, do the same process.
did u guys use a faq?

I probably looked up a few minor things, but I definitely didn't follow one.

seems im a key short

Not much that can be done for that except to backtrack and make sure you didn't miss any chests, enemy triggers, etc. Yes, I know it's a pain in the ass.
most definately. i prolly ran around that dungeon for 4-5 excess hours, and that was quite some time ago, so i dont remember exactly where i was now in this point in time. i give up =/
I purchased the PAL version of this game "Story of Thor 2" and i gave up on it. I really dont like it and can't stand to play it anymore. Don't want to start a flame war i'm just saying i don't like it.

I recently bought the very same game and absolutely love it.