Light guns - which one to get?


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So I started looking for a Dreamcast light gun since gamepads and zombies just don't jibe, went to eBay and was overwhelmed by just how many different light guns there are.

So I seek to draw upon the vast and awesome information pool that is SegaXtreme and ask:

Which one would you guys recommend? Which one is accurate, reliable, feels good in the hand, isn't too heavy, doesn't make an annoyingly loud sound like the Nintendo NES light gun does everytime you trigger it... which one sports a VMU slot and joystick controls to replace the gamepad controls besides just being a gun... and which one is the best value for the money? (I tend toward a better gun vs. a cheaper one.)

Go forth, fellow members, stick your heads together in communal meditation...and return to please me with a helpful answer. This much I ask of you

P.S.: I'm also looking for a Saturn light gun separately, although I place less emphasis on that right now. If you happen to know anything about those as well, info would be appreciated. If not, nevermind
Well i gots me a saturn lightgun to sell yas. And i'll sell it cheap... 10 dollars lets say?

Thins 2 know:

(A) it's broken but i take it you are reasonably tech savy. All that it is is a loose wire that needs some soldering and

I dropped it once so on the start button there is a little scuff.
playing silent scope w/out a scope honestly sounds kind of like playing hotd2 w/a pad

anyway, the madcatz dreamblaster is pretty good for hotd2, it's been a while since i used mine. it's not that it's heavy, but the weight's positioned in a manner that after 1/2 an hour or so of playtime my wrist is sore as a m----- f-----. also playing confidential mission with it is a complete waste of time due to it's accuracy. i guess a saturn to d.c. converter and a really good saturn light gun's pr'lly the best answer.

the japanese dc lightgun would be neat too, but it apparently doesn't work with n.a. dc systems
So many opinions...and even more guns I've never heard of before. Ack.

Gallstaff, you want 10 bucks for your Saturn lightgun plus how much shipping? I might be interested

The rest of you... well, for what reasons do you recommend the gun you recommend, each of you... what is the importance of a joypad on the gun (is this only needed for Silent Scope)? ...

Why would a Japanese DC lightgun not work on an U.S. DC?