yes, they are.

just keep the shipping cost in mind, and the possibility of getting import tax on top on large packages.
Quote: from Arakon on 3:26 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

and the possibility of getting import tax on top on large packages.

espically gba backup units

£32.67 import duty i got caught for on that, although i dont think they will ship that kind of stuff to the us anymore
Hmm I was gonna order a mod board for my saturn from lik-sang, I live in the uk anyone know what kind of total Id be lookin at just for the £13 mod board?
You'll be looking at around £18 total, including shipping. Make sure you select "standard" air mail shipping and not one of the expensive courier options.

According to UK customs guidelines, you don't have to pay duty or VAT if the total cost of the items (*excluding* shipping) is less than £18. Since the mod board costs £13 it's well within this limit.


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Ok, I ask because I'd like to order The GBA Flash linker and either a 128 or 256 meg flash cart. Total I believe comes to $159.00 USD, which roughly exchanges to $252.00 CDN. how much more would I be paying for this set if I were to order from lik-sang?
Great, they are based in Canada, perfect, thanks for the link Ex, I owe ya. They are also 10 bucks cheaper for the 128 meg flash linker set than lik sang.
But neither has the 20 pin mod board I require so desparately! O cruel fates! Be this the misery I am resigned to?
Just as well I havnt ordered my mod board yet if there are certain boards for certian saturn models. I have the model 3 saturn (pal) from what Ive been told, as it has just the one ribbon cable connecting the controllers to the main board.

So is the 21 pin board on lik-sang any use to me?

If you aint sure how would I go about checking?
Look at the ribbon cable which connects the CD drive board to the Saturn main board. Unplug it from the main board and count the number of connectors on it. If there are 21, the Lik Sang mod will work; if there are only 20, you're out of luck.

Mike sells flash linkers too, they're based in Quebec.

I got my NeoGeo Pocket linker and GB E-Merger from 'em.. They're reliable.

Since Lik-Sang isnt shipping mod chips to US anymore, does anyone know if this includes Saturn mods, or was just the PS2 mods?

If so, anyone know of any other (legit) vendors for saturn mods? (other than who are FAKE - dont get me ranting on them again)
overseas isnt quite correct

just to the us and its respective teritioryies

so europe and the like can still order them, satur modchips are sold all over the place anyway
Well I ordered the mod about 3 hours ago and they accepted it so I hope Im not gonna get an email of cancellation tomorrow morning.

Oh and where is lik-sang based as I didnt notice on the website and didnt really think of looking.
I believe they are HK based. Too bad they don't ship to the north america anymore. They had some cool stuff. I have been thinking of breaking down and buying a mod board for my saturn as well. guess I'll have to hunt through the threads as I know I've seen sites recomemded that are in the states. I guess I'll google as well.

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The usb modchip for the ps2 looks pretty cool, I think you guys should try out easybuy200 is has some pretty cool stuff on it.