Linksys Access Point + Netgear Hub


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So I'm at home temporarily and we're using a basic netgear 4-port hub. It serves it's purpose w/ Verizon DSL - nothing fancy (regular PPoE dialing).

I attached a Linksys (Wap11) Access Point - 802.11b. The link light on the Netgear hub blinks - I can connect to Verizon via PPoE wirelessly but it immediately drops out. In the meantime, XP informs me that a wireless signal is lost and regained constantly.

Now, could someone more knowledgeable than I answer me this - what exactly is going on? Perhaps my understanding of the wireless technology is a bit naive - the access point is (correct me if I'm wrong) a wireless hub, and doesn't require an IP (?). I assume there's something else not functioning, but it could very well be a fundamental misunderstanding about something. Also, I haven't actually had the opportunity to test it with a regular router, so I don't know if it's the AP itself.

Any and all information is appreciated.
My dad had the exact same problem. He was running an hp laptop and a linksys wireless pcmcia card in it. Apparently there was an incompatibility between the linksys card and the texas instruments I think it was pcmcia slot. Needless to say it would constantly drop it's connection then reconnect. After hours of calls to linksys he got it straightened out... he now has a netgear card in his pc (that works great), and I have the linksys in my old PoS laptop (also working great).
Oddly enough, just letting it sit there on it's own, without any connections, it's blinking in and out. I'm going to try updating the firmware shortly... now I need to get a USB cable...

This is the second time a linksys item has done that to me... this item was sitting in office depot for 6 months, however, without dropping a signal or power cycled. Go figure... (?)
Check if something else might be causing interference a cordless phone.

I've only worked with Symbol Access point (I used the Linksys Wireless + 4 port switch at home) and the AP did have to be configured with an ip address.

BTW those Symbol Access points are bad ass :devil

Also, make sure your ESSIDs match. If you have a prism 2 based card sniff for wireless APs with Netstumbler, it'll give u a better idea of what's going on.
so about that interference... I just got a 2.4ghz router and a 2.4ghz cordless phone... how far apart do I have to move the phone and router to prevent interference?