Live from New Post, Its W2K live!

Yes its ture. Im running 2000 this moment....not for long tho going back to 98 soon. I had to rig my laptop this far to even get it to work....lets see...primary LCD screen gets NO display at all under NORMAL 2000 mode (Safe mode works) I rebooted million times then I went to test the card/adapter itself. I used my sencond monitor to my laptop...HOW ODD>.....That one gets a display! My LCD doesnt but a normal does...Sorta annoying..Why if it doesnt get fixed im killing 2000 again. Doesnt help me if I cant use as primary and all round/. What I see tho I like. Fast and more....but 700 megs from 4 gigs when you cant use it all over doesnt help me. ANyways if you have ideas WHY it works on the VGA port but not my main LCD screen let me know.....Oh yea...thank god i have a second netowrk missing hella lot drivers....funny display driver was there....but no sound (till now as MS has the drivers) I have no internal net/modem however...... Also display drivers WORK but not quite what I need.....also would have to service pack update...anyways Ill give it a day or so to see if I can get help on the issue. Anyways just posting news =D (Compaq Laptop Pres 14XL245)
Probably set to too high a resolution for the LCD, too high a refresh, or something of that nature. Or it's the drivers. You probably have a multi monitor ability (lots of compaqs have it now... ). More often than not, MS OSes default to 'unknown' monitor for the number 1 monitor. Go to compaq and get their drivers - EVEN IF under the hardware manager, it says it's working fine. After much experimentation w/ my and my girlfriend's laptop (both Compaqs - mine an Armada, hers a Presario), it's best you use all the drivers that compaq offers.

Windows2000 requires a heckuva lot more than Win98. A lot more effort, Win98 can be done in several hours; for me, it took 15+ hours to go from scratch to fully setup under Win2K. But it was worth it - incredibly stable. Not nearly as stable as Linux, though...