looking for a model 1 saturn and mega cd


I have a Sega CD Model 2 (US) for sale if you're interested.

It will play more of the burned games since most of them are US games


Originally posted by SD_DRACULA@May 22, 2003 @ 09:25 PM

is it modded cuz i know that model 2 plays backups harder than model 1, if using the swap method!
I'm talkin Sega CD (US version of Mega CD), not a Saturn


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oh, ok, sorry. thats the one that does not need to be modded isnt it?

but that means i would need an us genesis as well, doesn't it?

and you wouldn't have a genesis cdx, wouldn't ya?


nope I wouldn't

you don't have a Genesis/MegaDrive?

shame on you --- jk

you can find a Genny quite cheap nowadays

a CDX is gonna be a lot more expensive


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i do have one of the bigger mega drive 2 (i think), but its not working anymore.
although i did use to play it non stop, a while ago!

but a us sega cd wouldn't work with a european one, would it?


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A PAL MegaDrive works with an American (and Japanese) SegaCD...

But in order to get it to work (and not giving you a "this SegaCD is designed for..." msg)

You need to modify your console (either into a permament US/JAP one, or just adding the usual switches)

As for games...

Most games seems to work when patched...

But I don't use my segacd much...

As the lid of it is broken, so it picks up the cds badly...

(So the games lock-up a lot because of loading problems...)