Looking for Guides to Burning Games with Nero

I don't know if this sort of request is allowed on this forum but if it isn't then I'd like to apologise anyway.

The thing is, does anyone know of any guides for burning games for Sega CD and Sega Saturn using Nero as I need to clear some space on my hard drive and I've decided to do it by burning some of my games onto CD.

The only guides that I've found are for programs like CDRWin and I prefer using Nero to programs like that as it's easy to use for burning music cd's...

If anyone can point me in the right direction to a gude for Burning games with Nero, I'd be really grateful.
File, burn image. Choose the Cue sheet, or the Nero image, or whatever.

Also if you have a cue sheet and multiple tracks (iso/mp3 or bin/cue or something), the full path has to be listed for every file in the cue sheet or Nero won't find the files.
Originally posted by IBarracudaI@Jul 15, 2003 @ 04:05 PM

if the files are in the same directory of the cuesheet, nero (and all other progs) will find the files, no need for full path.

That would never work for me, Nero always complains that it can't find the files specified.
strange... well thats a minor prob