Lots of system packages for sale - PS, PS2, DC, Saturn, GBA,

I have the following units and accessories for sale.



One Dreamcast unit , modded for imports, capable of playing homebrew and other (original white, box and instructions, modem cable and web browser v. 2))

Replacement case (color smoke)

Two sega brand controllers, one white and one smoke (box and instructions)

Two standard sega brand VMU's (color white and smoke, box and instructions)

One sega brand 4x memory card (color white, what else?)

One nexus 4x memory card with PC link cable. (box and instructions)

One sega brand fishing controller (color white, box and instructions)

One sega brand rumble pack (color white, box and instructions)

One pelican light gun with house of the dead 2 (box and instructions)

Software (all games are mint and come in original cases with sleeve and instructions):

Seaman with box and microphone
Hydro Thunder
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Soul Reaver
Test Drive 6
Soul Calibur
Space Channel 5
Deep Fighter
Star Wars Racer
Ready 2 Rumble
Shadow Man
Railroad Tycoon 2
Sega Rally 2
NFL Blitz 2000
Maken X
Toy Commander
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
Wacky Races
Sega Smash Pack
Tennis 2K2
Midway's Greatest Hits 2
Sports Jam
Xtreme Sports
Atari Anniversary Edition
Capcom V's SNK
Jet Grind Radio
Kiss Psycho Circus
Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Imports, boxes and instructions, absolutely mint!:

Shenmue 2, europe edition
Rez, europe edition
Virtual Athelete 2K. jap edition


Bleemcast for Tekken 3 (Case, sleeve, and instructions)
Bleemcast for Metal Gear Solid (Case, sleeve, and instructions)
Bleemcast for Gran Turismo 2


Generator v.1
Generator v.2
Dreamcast Magazine Nov 99
Dreamcast Magazine Jan 00
Dreamcast Magazine Sep 00

***$375 OBO.***


Set includes:
Version 4 PS2 with USB mod. Capable of playing homebrew and other. (instructions and all original hookups).

Sony brand s-video cable

Two sony brand Dual Shock 2 controllers.

One controller extention cable.

One sony brand 8M memory card.

Game Shark 2 with dongle.

Metal gear solid 2 strategy disks with book. (acts as a game shark 2 without need for dongle)

DVD drivers v 2.1

Games, with case, sleeve, and instructions (mint):
ATV Offroad Fury
Sky Odyssey
Herdy Gerdy
Gran Turismo 3
Jampack summer 01
Jampack winter 01
Jampack summer 02
Cases with sleeve and instructions (no games):
Star Wars Starfighter
Ridge Racer 5

***$200 USD OBO.***


This set comes with:
Gameboy Advance (Color White)

Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set

GB Flash Linker (former GB XChanger)

Mr. Flash 64M Card

GB Bridge

This set is less than 4 months old. Price it at Lik-Sang. The total is $415. Everything is in MINT condition. All manuals, boxes and software included. Three disks also included.
***$250 OBO.***


Modded 21 pin Saturn. (Instructions, no box.)

3 controllers (all sega brand) with extention cords. (one original, one redesigned fighting pad, one nights pad with box and nights game in case with instructions)

Original sega stunner gun, with extention cord, in box with instructions (color red)

Original Sega memory card (Jap/white works fine with US system) with box and instructions.

Original 1M expander card

Original 4M expander card

Action 5-1 card with box

Original cases with rear sleeve and instruction manuals( No game):
Clockwork Knight 1 and 2
Die Hard Arcade
The House of the Dead
Panzer dragoon 1, 2, and Saga
Sega Ages
Shinobi Legions
Sonic Jam
Street Fighter Collection
Tempest 2000
Virtua Cop 1 and 2
Virtual On
Virtua Fighter 1 and 2

Netlink Game Pack (sega rally championship and virtual on) Box, Instructions, Cases, No Games.

Games with cases, sleeves, and instructions:
Madden 97
Worldwide Soccer
Games with no case or instructions:
Christmas Nights
Everything is in mint condition.

***$200 OBO.***


This is one impressive unit. It includes:
N64 unit with all hookups

S-video cable for improved picture

Nintendo brand 4M expander

Z64 backup unit with 10 gig harddrive

2 nintendo brand controllers (colors grey and black)

nintendo brand controller memory pack

nintendo brand rumble pack

2 controller extention cables

Games for booting and backup:
Super Mario 64
Command and Conquer
Star Wars Racer

Additional Games:
Pokemon Stadium 2
Conkers BFD
Paper Mario
Banjo Tooie

***$350 OBO.***


Original model 7xxx series with parallel port and stealth mod chip installed. Unit comes with instructions, all hookups and:

sony brand dual shock controller

extention cord

sony brand memory card

smoke color replacement case


demo disk
RC Helicopter w/ case and instructions

Cases with instructions, no games:

metal gear solid and vr missions
tetris plus
tekken 3
jampack winter 99
wipeout 3
gran turismo 1 and 2
crash bandicoot 1, 2, and 3
ape escape

***$40 OBO***

Please e-mail me at edaod2002@hotmail.com for a better explanation or with any questions you may have. Thanks for reading...
All of that would be pulled from eBay.

eBay isnt too happy about modded consoles or backup devices.


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I would love to get some of that gba stuff but alas, I spent alot of my money on my X-Ram/upgraded Fuel pump this week. :