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Hey guys I have a perfect burn of Lunar Silver Star Story using Nero 1x speed... I pop it into my Sega CD and it loads up and the Working Designs logo comes up then the Lunar Silver Star Logo comes on... Then it leaves and the screen goes black, it's loading, then my red light on my sega cd leaves and it just sits there at the black screen. I don't know why it does this... My Flashback and Lunar Eternal Blue Sega CD backups work fine but this one just sits there. I remember when I first tried it it said I didnt have an External Ram Cart or something.. Does that have anything to do with it?
Originally posted by Jaded God@Nov. 22 2002, 4:15 pm

Did tapping the SegaCD in the upper left corner work for you Racketboy?

actually I haven't tried it yet :)

I've been unbelievably busy at home lately

(As opposed to when I'm posting up a storm at work
The problem is with the way you burned it. Lunar must be burned Track-At-Once is order to work. If you don't do this, you will get exactly the same error you described. The RAM cart, or lack thereof, is unimportant in this case.
i thought it was a good idea to burn at Disc-at-Once? Should I be burning at track-at-once all the time or only for sega cd games?
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ok well if anyone has a working rip gimme a h0ller.. ty.

You're not very good at following the forum rules, are you? ???

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Like I said in the other post, and was mentioned above in this one, try tapping the unit as indicated. It works. Yeah, it could be a bad rip, but not likely. An original will do this also. Remember, mine was an original and I have the same problem at points in the game. I have three versions of the game and they all do it. (by three versions I mean artwork on the discs. I have 3 different ones)
I too am having the same problem as Jaded God, but what I would like to know is, a)does it matter what brand cdr a game is burned on? b)what program do you guys recommend for track-at-once recording? c)will this "tapping" thing work with a CDX? Thanks if you can answer these questions, or if you atleast read my posts. I also have a post in the cd burning help thing, but i just felt like posting here toooo.
a) It can do, but there is no real way of telling for sure. You just need to try a few brands.

For Win9X, the best option (assuming ISO+MP3) is EZ CD Creator 95 - download it in the Miscellaneous section. For Win2000/XP some people have had luck with a program called Fireburner. Don't know where to get it, use Google. Nero can do TAO as well if you are using bin/cue.

c) I have no idea - don't have a CDX.
I'm getting this same problem <_<

gets past working designs, then says lunar The Silver Star, and screen goes black, red light blinks and then nothing....

I play it in Gens and it works fine...I dunno what the problem is, I've also tried a backup of Mortal Kombat and it didn't work on my SCD or Gens... I wonder why people keep spreading bad rips.