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Just curious how many people lurk these forums. So come on, if you're a lurker or just tend to read the forums instead of posting... Reply to this thread, and introduce yourself if need be or if you feel like it. (Original poster Dibz :))
Longest time between 2 posts? At almost 17 years, this might very well be!

I've lurked for years, but have actually signed up after getting back into Sega after playing more retro because of my Steam Deck and listening to The Sega Guys Podcast. This Forum has always been great fun to read over the years, but just have a few online homes at other Forums, so more of a lurker.

Happy to post though and thanks for always being a presence @vbt ! :)
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Greeting everyone. I've been a lurker for many years. Just decided to register to say hello.
Posting is new to me as I lurk everywhere and in the past I just pot shot funny posts on social media.

Wanted to say thank you to the community. I have learned so much about the saturn and programming in general thanks to everyone. I am in awe at the dedication and quite frankly the genius that people on this forum display.

Everybody plays a part so I will try not to go into personally thanking everyone for their contributions.

I have read so much SH2 assembly that I know that 4FFE is the devil.

Proud that I can use the Sgl_HelloWorld template and run old .COF and .bin files on an emulator with some minor makefile + (.incbin) adjustments.

Don't mind the moniker/name it does not reflect my personality, just an old nickname I got from beating a friend in Madden 64 (yes I'm old).
Kept it because my youtube has the same name. No coding yet, just tekken 7 videos.

I am interested in making a game eventually but always get side-tracked on the elusive run burn cd-r's without pseudosaturn (thanks cafe-alpha, cyberwarriorx and jhl).

While VDP1 is not the greatest I would like to implement a non SGL/SBL version that hits its theorectical 16380 command tables, drawing 8 x 8 "objects", in 704 X 480 (maybe) with 8bit color, filling at 0.0066 seconds. That should be 60fps and without possible DMA and jump back that could hit the theoretical 982800 "objects" per second limit.

I get long-winded so I'll wrap it up.
Just wanted to say thanks and I really appreciate everyone sacrifice and dedication here.