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I got 4 gaming subscriptions for under $20


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You know, it's sad that Ric Flair isn't allowed to 'Woo' anymore. But, with the Four Horsemen reuniting, I guess it's a small price to pay.

As an aside, Flair was at a Hornets (New Orleans) game, introducing all the players followed by a 'wooooo!' He had to be the most popular person there.
lol -- i havent watched wwe in a while eversice they did that stupid draft thing

- i caught bits and peices of it but still dosent seem any good to watch

man i liked the old wwf - rock and sock connection times

and when kurt angle was a good guy -- now he looks so dumb with a shaved head

ohh that frekin brocklesnar guy sucks major dirty ass -- that guy cant talk for shit

why isint flair alowed to woo

they added some new chicks i noticed but still not enough to get me back as a viewer -- thier whole setup sucks