Major problem with swap method!

I got some problems with the swap! When the game loads (Not when it boots up) it returns to the Audio CD menu and it says "Checking Disc Format" and it will stop playing, especally with Sonic Jam. Can anyone help?????
At what point is it returning to the Audio screen?

Can you get into the game? Can you play any part of the game?

Details, details.
Yea, i can get into it, but for example, in Sonic Jam, when it loads into one of the Sonic Games (Ex. Sonic2) it loads for a minute or two and then it says "Checking Disc Format". I cant have fun with my backups kuz it keeps doing that in most games.
Why don't you just buy yourself a mod board? Then all your problems will be solved and you don't have to swap. I've never even tried the swap-method, not that I'm afraid that it would do damage to my console, or... well... but to change CD's! I just wanna put the CD in the console, get back to the sofa and grab the controller and start gaming. Not to be standing bent over the console sweating to change the CD in just the right moment and maybe get it to work, and doing this EVERY time I wanna play a game... And the mod board just cost about 20 bucks... To me the swap-method seems like pure stupidity. But that's my opinion...
To me the swap-method seems like pure stupidity.

Well, it is - for those who have 21-pin Saturns... mal and I are sort of trying to figure out how to get 20-pin systems into the action, but I'm not sure that it will be possible without some slightly expensive equipment.
There are just two things I can think of that would cause this.

1) There are games that kick you out to that screen if it checks for the security info after boot up. Mechwarrior 2 does it, and so does a particular bomberman (I believe 2?).

2) The game isn't burned properly. Once in a while, you'll get a game that hasn't finished burning completely. When my CD-RW drive conked out I had a few games that stopped burning at 92%. They were playable, however it'd intermittently look for *something*. It could be the security thing, it could be the missing sound files or just the end of the CD.

In any event, stay tuned - I'm sure someone will figure out the mod chip conundrum.
What about a prog that will take the "Check" out of the CD so it wont check in the middle. Like an app that can edit a BIN/CUE file so it wont keep checking. Kuz i dont feel like buying a modboard. Im too lazy
Sorry, there's no such thing, except buying the original. Believe it or not, there are a couple of sites that sell Saturn games if you look hard enough.