making an image with nero


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Bump, very good question as i would like to know also. I know how to burn them but not how to make them. With nero that is.


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  1. Recorder
  2. Choose Recorder...
  3. select "Image Recorder"
  4. OK
  5. File
  6. New...
  7. CD-Copy
  8. "Copy options" tab
  9. choose drive with source CD
  10. click Copy button
  11. enter location and name when prompted for "Save Image File"

Make sure to change Image Recorder back to your actual burner when you want to use your burner to burn using Nero.


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AUGHH!!!! Akuma, that's complete nonsense!

You don't need ImageDrive at all. Just start a CD-TO-CD COPY (from the File menu) and make sure to create a temporary image file on the harddisk.

Once the source CD is done reading in and Nero asks for a blank disc, just hit cancel. The so-called temporary image will still be there and that'll be your rip!

Nothing to it!!