MAME 0.59

Hi folks,

I know this is not the best site to ask this, but this is where I feel like at home :)

I really wanted to try bucky o'hare and wwc, I d/l the roms (audits are ok) and Mame0.59, but when the emulation starts, it locks up on the "rom status" screen with "rom N2 BAD"... Anyone got the same prob ?

thanks !

I think MAME adds the games when they are technically emulated by the program, not necesserally when they're playable. I was looking forward to playing Daraku Tenshi- The Fallen Angels in this release but there's no sound on it yet. It's usually a while after that they iron it out a bit, get rid of all the bugs. I could be wrong on your examples. Maybe you should get the roms from another site and see if the same happens. If they're not huge I might download and give them a go to see if I gt the same.
Bucky 'O Hare and WWC work fine here, aside from a couple graphical glitches. If you have a file nvrammoo.nv and/or nvram/bucky.nv, you might want to try deleting those, but it sounds like an emulation bug. I'm using the unoptimized Win32 binaries; maybe it's an optimization bug...