Mame Arcade Cabinet

Hey everyone, I'ev been wanting a Mame Arcade Cabinet for the longest time and actually have the money now to get one. Any reccomendations on what to get? Where to get one in Canada? Anyone ever tried playing one in an actual cabinet? Is it worth it? Thx for any opinions and help.
Just build your own cabinet, its rather cheap, my whole cabinet made entirely from scratch, has a door on the side where the motherboard and guts of the pc wil be attached to, its nice and big, like the mortal kombat 2 or 3 cabinets and only cost me 45 canadian to build.
ok next question where to get a cabinet then? And you have a fully working one you built yourself? I have read many sites about people building them doesnt sound too hard but i dont wanna blow my money on something that wont work in the long run
It's usually cheaper and better in the long run to build your own cabinet, that's what I did.

I actually did two, a upright and a cocktail table version, the table cost about $70 USD to build (not counting computer and controls) and the upright cost about $90 USD to build, again not counting innards.

Most used arcade cabinets are being sold for alot more than that, and shipping is horrible, unless you have a truck and can buy locally.

If you can get a good deal on one they are usually beat to h***.
I never was able to find one that made me totally happy either, they all had some compromises, so by building my own I got exactly what I was looking for.

If you decide to build your own I can assure you that

It really isn't difficult to build one
you can do it with just a circular saw and some clamp guides, if you know anybody with a drill press or a table saw ask to use them, these tools are helpfull too.

I recommend 3/4 inch melamine to build your cabinet because I had good luck with it.

if you are careful with your money, you can have a cool cabinet for very little $$$
man i should just build it myself gotta find a set up nice blueprints or something..would rather buy a complete one but yes they are very i want one so bad it hurts hehe wish me luck i guess any more tips are highly appreciated
thx alot man couldnt have asked for father in law owns his own contracting type business and could make the cabinet for me with his eyes i think ill get him on the job
Glad to be of help!

I gotta tell you there ain't nothing like watching your friends mouth's drop when they see your new Arcade machine!!

Especially when you say "1 quarter please" LoL
Well, I bought my cab at a local arcade for $200, which I don't think is so bad. Was in good shape, had a good size monitor, and plenty of buttons. It was delivered, too, so I really didn't have to do much aside from putting the jpac and computer in it.
there aint much for arcades around here but i could ask around the bars and stuff and see if i could pick one up possibly i dunno so many choices hehe