Marvel super heroes vs street fighter

I downloaded and burned MSH Vs Street Fighter and it played okay. However, the audio sounded like it was doubled (it repeated about a second after it started) which was irritating. Also, there seemed to by some glitches with the graphics - the backgrounds disappear and there isn't any floor on some levels. So thinking it was the download that was bugged I went and bought the original - that was exactly the same!!

I'm playing it on a UK pal saturn with an action replay 5 in 1 with the built in 4mb ram expansion. I also have a booster cart with a 1mb-4mb switch. I'm thinking the game is not compatible with these carts? Should I get an official capcom 4mb cart? I will have to copy it and swap the region on it to work on my saturn.

Anyone else had the same problems?
I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds like you've got a 50/60Hz timing issue... you might need to fit a switch to your Saturn (or, if you're not inclined to play with molten lead and video processors with tiny pins, get someone more qualified to do it) to put it in 60Hz mode.
also if the mp3 audio is screwed up it can make it do wierdness like that, cause MSh vs SF actualy read the character's voices from redbook audio if i remember