Marvel vs. Capcom 2

I think there is a big conspiracy among players comparing the graphics in Street Fighter games.

When I first saw Marvel vs Capcom 2, I was IMPRESSED by the number of players available. Ten seconds later, it wore off. I said to myself, "these graphics suck!" Sure, the backgrounds were very nice. 3D and moving... cool.

But the characters! The characters were so blocky and barely recognizable. They looked like Commodore 64 graphics... not 32 bit! Am I the only one to have noticed this?

So, I pop in my Street Fighter Zero 3 for Saturn. Is it just me? The Saturn version has nice crisp characters. Well defined, Maybe it is just in contrast to the backrounds. I check my Dreamcast version, and now I am SURE of it. Saturn character graphics are superior! How can this be?

Is it an optical illusion? Are Dreamcast players just choosing to ignore this because of the number of playable characters available? I have noticed this with Capcom Vs. SNK and Street Fighter Zero 3. All of them have horrible player graphics and sweet background!

Why hasn't anyone else noticed this? Every review I read of the dreamcast games praise the visuals. Are they just lying? What do you think? Explain this phenomenon to me!
The load times are SO noticibly better on the DC version though.

I don't think the graphics are the only thing that is different -- I think the controls (responsivness etc) are slightly different.
It's not the dreamcast that doesn't have supiror graphics. Would you ever try running a game like SA2 on a saturn or Shenmue? It's just the game. It was a shitty port and when it was on the saturn it was coded better.
hi, i like streetfighter zero 3 i agree it was more enjoyable cuz of the was so easy pull off anymoves..but hey one question...i know marvel vs capcom 1 came out for dreamcast but..saturn is excellent in 2d graphics..they made xmen vs streetfighter , marvel super heroes vs streetfighter..if saturn was still living hmm n they make marvel vs capcom for you think it be better on saturn than on the dc?
the backdrops in MvC2 were lame just like the soundtrack. :sleep:

i also dont care if the saturn had sharper sprites, what are you trying to say? the saturn is better??? :lol:

i dont stop to look and see if the DC sprites are up to scratch. long as they have all the frames of animation *cough*psx*cough*

i just wanna beat the shit out of some super heroes, within the comfort of my home, with an arcade stick and with no loading between rounds :thumbs-up:
The thing about the DC is that it outputs a 640x480 resolution, so those low-res characters have to be scaled up to fit, which makes them look crappier (especially in contrast to the backgrounds on MvsC2). The Saturn outputs at lower resolution, so it looks smoother. If you play SFIII:3rd Strike on DC, there are actually some filtering options that can be activated by holding down buttons when the game boots up, so it looks better, but yeah. That's why people have been saying for years that Capcom need to redraw their freakin' sprites.
...and now boot GGX and watch what happens when you have sprites designed for the resolution they are on.

SF3 Double Impact also has those crisp sharp graphics cause its a low res game, the quality is the same compared to the SFZ3 on Saturn.

And yes Capcom should have redraw they´re sprites for the naomi games, they drew the SNK ones from scratch for Cap vs SNK 2 but they didn´t even thouch they´re own those sonuvabitches´ :ph34r:

Marvel vs Capom 2 is a cool a game apart from the messed up sprites (for the reasons pointed by it290), its a nice game when you have nothing to do or just want to kick someones ass, the music is horrible can´t stand it, too bad theres no option to disable it. I have a RGB cable and I must say the sprites are very sarp on MvsC2 can´t say the same for cap vs snk2 looks like they used some kind of filter just like in emus to smooth them out. The characters also got smaller and theres a lot of vaccum you always have to jump to get near the other character they´re too far apart. But whatever whats done its done, there´s no conspiracy Capcom just got lasy and didn´t take advantage of DC graphic power.
Might add that Vampire Chronicles and Jojo's Bizzare Adventures also seem to work at low res. VC looks almost like the Saturn's Vampire Savior, 'cetp the TV scanlines have a lower contrast. Jojo seems to run at low res, that I coudln't tell the different from the PSX version.

I think the problem with MvsC2 is that the sprites have a slight scalling applied, so Capcom could get bigger sprites "for free". That breaks the pixel size ratio. The result is that the bilinear fitlering kicks in and everything becomes horrible, mostly because the sprites have a hard, 1-bit transparency mask that becomes *very* jagged when zoomed in. In the other games I mentioned, it's likely the whole game is rendered into a 2D buffer and draw onto the screen, emulator-style, so you get essentially the same result as running the arcade version of the game in an emulator and using your video card's TV out.

This problem plagues most Capcom characters in Capcom vs SNK2, but the SNK characters (with the obvious expection of Haomaru) are damn crisp, because they are zoomed in at exact 200%, instead of the wacky zoom they use in Blanka, Morrigan and others...
MvC2 is garbage... too much pathetic, abusive cheapness, one set of generic super moves, absurdly limited general move list...

It's a newbie's game, start to finish. Newbies get to have fun button mashing, while experts get to practice using Cable, Sentinal, and Storm.
MvC2 IS shallow. For any experts who play SF at all (If your an expert anyways), you'll find the game goes Combo for a while --> Super move to Link --> Another combo --> Super Link to swap --> ect.
yeah i agree, marvel vs capcom 2 is not a fairly game... i mean u have characters that have more advantage to kick the living shit of ur ass...zangief vs cable? or roll vs sential? and plus capcom put some stupid characters in servbot, son son, ruby heart...what bout considering cool characters like ghost rider, zero from megaman, etc..stuff like that
Originally posted by Trenton net@Feb 11, 2004 @ 09:16 AM

MvC2 IS shallow. For any experts who play SF at all (If your an expert anyways), you'll find the game goes Combo for a while --> Super move to Link --> Another combo --> Super Link to swap --> ect.

No, it's worse than that.

Cable can kill MANY (not all, but MANY) characters if you just mash Circle (PS2) or B (Dreamcast) - using his rapid-fire pistol from the opposite end of the screen. Many characters are incapable of recovering fast enough to block the next hit.

And Sentinal can confuse your guard, and hold himself in the air using his downward-beam-thing.

And while doing Sent's move, you can summon Storm for some cheap extra TYPHOON action.
Yeah, or you could just have fun and choose not to play the game like a cheapass. ;) I don't think the game was ever meant to be 'fair and balanced' in the first place, heh.
Originally posted by it290@Feb 11, 2004 @ 07:41 PM

Yeah, or you could just have fun and choose not to play the game like a cheapass. ;) I don't think the game was ever meant to be 'fair and balanced' in the first place, heh.

The two best 'legit' strategies I've seen are Guile's air combos and Jin's "EYE BLOW JOO UP IN MAH UNDERPANTZ" move...