md1/genesis1 rgb cable

hi, could someone give me some advice how to build my own rgb cable (av or better scart)

weblink, av-pinout for the 8-pin-din-plug, etc..

thanx a lot

ps: got a second-hand md1 without any av-cable
Gamesx has instructions for the MD, but I think you need to "mirror" the pinout for the correct pin numbering.

You should be able to find the proper 8-pin DIN plug at a decent electronics store.
I've done a crappy diagram for a SCART cable which might make things a little bit clearer:


Those black rectangles are resistors, by the way! Also, you can get the proper 8-pin DIN plug from Maplin in the UK, code FG40T.


can you explain the reason of a 100Ohm on th blanking signal? I always used a 75 one. Also plz tell me why you put resistors on the three colors, since I always saw (on commercial cables like those of PSX, PS2) capacitors instead.

The RGB output level of the MD/Genesis is very high, and can result in a very bright (or even distorted) picture on a normal European TV with RGB SCART input. The resistors are there to reduce the RGB signal voltages to within standard SCART tolerances.

The reason for including capacitors is to filter out a DC offset on the outputs. In the case of the MD there isn't a DC offset, so there's no need for the caps.

The value of the resistor on pin 16 isn't too important - anything from 75 to 300 ohms should be OK.


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