Mega CD 2

I have just aquired a Mega CD 2 (PAL version, Euro) for £2 (cheap huh?), but sadly it doesn't work, when I opened it it was covered in filth, I cleaned it up and tested it on my Model one Mega Drive 1 (the one without the 'Produced and or Published by SEGA' at the beggining of a game), and it had NO power light, I DO have two power packs and such, need help getting power supplys
a sega/megacd won't even turn on if the contact to the megadrive is bad.. so the first thing to do is clean both.
off of the subject sorta, but I just bought a broken sega genesis for 3 bucks for parts as is and a sega cd model 1 for parts as is for 5 home cleaned it out, yeah it was really I have myself a sega cd 1 unit and genesis that works BETTER for 8 dollars than the one I spent 135 bucks on on ebay.....UNREAL huh, but true story nevertheless.... If you can find out whats wrong.....take apart the system and resolder all the joints to the power port and RF port plus get a nice new pink eraser and clean every contact that connects the two systems me I can #### near fix anything....try it out....