Mega CD Dev system

Has anyone out there used a Mega CD development system? It looks like a normal Mega CD (or Sega CD in this case) but has a port on the left hand side and a switch on the front (between the access lights). the reason I ask is I have one of these units and I want to use it as a normal Mega CD but currently it doesn't read CD's (any cds) which could be a knackered drive or it could be that the drive has been disabled so that data can be downloaded via the port on the side! Has anyone used one and can they confiem how they worked!


You have a... what?!

I'm not sure if other people around here actually touched such device... but if it doesn't works, you can try to snag a real SCD. It might be cheap, depending on your location.


A very stupid question... you meant a port on the left side? The same side where you connect the genesis/mega drive, or the other side?
I've seen one at work, couldn't get my hands on it though

It looks like a Genesis 1 with a Sega CD 1, but as one unit, i.e. not detatchable. Great collectors item