Mega Drive Roms

Did not Sega release Bare Knuckle 1 & 2 in Japan? I've looked all over for the roms. I've found Bare Knuckle 3 and a beta version of Bare Knuckle 2. Can anyone tell me if they exist are where I might find them? Any help would be appreciated.
IIRC, the roms for Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle 1 and 2 are identical and just switch title screens / palettes based on the territory of the system it's running on.
Sorry, I didn't mean to ask for the roms. I just want to know if they exist, if they do then I'll find them.

I thought at least Bare Knuckle 2 was different than Streets Of Rage 2 in that a very gay looking boss and some women were removed. Or is that Bare Knuckle 3?
The particular changes don't really matter; the programer can modify the game's behavior in pretty much any way he/she wants on the basis of the territory/revision bits. It's possible that different roms exist, but since the dumped ones that I saw have a territory marking of "JUE", it's probably just one version for the whole world that detects which console it's running on (similar to Neo Geo).
ExCyber is right; I have checked the available ROM versions and:

1) There is only one "worldwide" ROM (designated JUE) for Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle. The title screen and language changes depending on the territory settings of the console.

2) There are two ROMs for Streets of Rage II; one for the US (U), and one shared between Japan and Europe (JE).

The JE version displays English text and the Streets of Rage II title when the console is in European (English/50Hz) mode, and Japanese text and the Bare Knuckle II title when the console is in Japanese/60Hz mode.