Mega Man Collection


Mid Boss
I picked up the GC version of this game. It is so damn addictive. I have forgotten just how cool Mega Man is. I highly recommend this. The price, $29.99, is a little more than I would like. But that is my only complaint.
Yeah. A lot of people keep whining about the fact the the GC version left out the features that were included in the PS2 version - but you still get Megaman, and that's what's most important ;)
The price, $29.99, is a little more than I would like.
Thats still better than Nintendo's classic NES series on the GBA. $20 bucks for one game I already bought almost 20 years ago is border-line ridiculous. :angry:

I was thinking about picking up a copy of Mega Man Collection. But I think I'm going to wait for the price to drop a bit though. Say closer to $20. I'm curious, what features did they leave out from the PS2 version?
it's important to note that the nintendo version also has the fire/jump buttons reversed, and there's no option to change the mapping of the buttons.
i don't know how anyone could do something so stupid.

i originally bought the gamecube version and took it back to the store to exchange it for the playstation version, and we've lived happily ever since.