Megadrive 1 50/60 hertz switch

I have just purchased a PAL MegaDrive I and a Mega CD I.

I have noticed that the Mega CD games I have burnt and tested have the usual sound sync problem....which I have been told can be fixed with a 50/60 hertz switch on the megadrive.

What I would like to know is where I can get a hold of one of these in the UK or part numbers so I can buy the components myself.....

Hope someone can please help me with this problem and any recommendations will be grateful.

you just need a small switch and a few lengths of wire

any model or electronics shop should have them,

check the misc section there is some instructions there for doing it

I have checked out the misc section...but the text file on installing the switch doesn't give any help on what type / model of switch to use

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You need a single-pole double-throw break-before-make switch.

Basically one that connects either pin '1' or pin '3' to pin '2' depending on which way it is thrown. They generally look like this:

\¦/ (Possible positions)


¦ ¦

¦ ¦


¦ ¦ ¦

1 2 3

(Well, it'll do