Megadrive 50/60Hz switch problems...

Hi people,

I've just installed a 50/60Hz switch on my machine (Megadrive I, original model, has expansion port for modem, etc), but I've got a problem - I'm only getting a black and white picture, and that's from my RF cable and the composite video cable I've built up. I know my TV has trouble with NTSC 3.34 (it's fine with PAL, SECAM, PAL60 and NTSC 4.43), but I don't think that's the problem - after all, my Saturn runs in NTSC, as do my overseas videos. I converted the signal to NTSC 4.43 with the RF cable through my VCR, but got a myriad of colours... very odd...

Anyhows, what should I do? I don't have S-Video/Scart/RGB/Component/etc input for my TV, only RF (d'uh!) and composite. If anyone can give me hand with this situation, I'd really appreciate it.


other than using a RGB scart cable or switching the crystal inside the genny (which then would make the 50 Hz picture b/w), you're outta luck there.

Thanks for the info.

Hmmm, would it be possible to build up a scart cable and then use a scart->composite adaptor? Are scart->composite adaptors cheap or expensive? I'll be dropping by the store tomorrow to grab the pieces to make up some proper cables (I've currently sliced an old video cable and have the wires stuck in the back of my machine :)) so I'll have a chat with them tomorrow...

Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it!

Edit: On reflection, what does switching the crystal actually mean? I feel like such a newbie asking this!! I have two machines around the house - it would just mean one would be a PAL machine, the other NTSC :)


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rgb to composite converters are expensive and hard to find.

switching the crystal (a small silver metal box) means you have to replace it. if you currently have a 4.43 mhz crystal in there, you need a 3.34 one and vice versa.

mind you, I haven't had to do that yet, but that's how it SHOULD work. by switching to 60 hz you only switch the refresh rate, but not the color carrier frequency, so you create a mixed signal that your TV can't handle. scart would be REALLY helpful, since RGB signals are independant from PAL/NTSC.
Actually, RGB to composite converters are cheap (under £10) and quite widely available. They're normally called "PAL Boosters" and are sold for use with the PlayStation, but it should be a fairly simple matter to rewire one for use with the Mega Drive.

I haven't been able to find any in quite a while around here, plus their quality is somewhat mediocre.. but you are right, they should do the trick.