Memory Card Woes

I have two memory card related issues:

1. Has anyone had saves suddenly delete from their memorycards? One day I wanted to play soul calibur and found that there was no SC data on the memcard, everythign else was there though. Same thing happened to Dead Or Alive 2 LE and a few others (Thank GOD I have a double power), these are ALL official sega VMUs. Info Anyone?

2. I dont really have any way to connect my DC to the net unless I hunt down and buy a broadband adapter, and I dont have 100+ to spend on something like that. Anyway, most of the memory card downloads are in .VMI format and all I have is a double power, which uses the .DCI format. Is there ANY way(not just using the double power) to get .VMI saves into my dc other then using the net?
i remember some time ago seeing on Boob something about using the hacked web browser to burn your vmu saves onto a disk, then changing the browsers default page to a custom page that links to that file. i cant find the aricle right now, but it would make sense.
Dont know
. It hasn't happened to me, my two full VMU's are OK.
i suggest replacing the batteries, if they are faulty they might be corrupting the vm.

Other than that it sounds very much like your removed the vm while it was saving or accessing, perhaps you dropped the controller or something?