Memory Question


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Heat spreaders are cosmetic (they have nowhere near enough surface area or mass to really matter). As for brand, I generally think the best thing to do is get a module that's been tested by your board manufacturer. I'm not sure ASRock bothers with such things, though.


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They told me to check with the memory manufacturers. I have always used corsair or kingston in the past, and I will probably buy kingston again. I thought I would just check here first.


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generally i've stuck with Kingston for their value line, OCZ, Mushkin and A-Data. unless you're overclocking you can use pretty much any brand.


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Warranties are kind of important too. My experiences show that no name brand ram tends to start acting funny a couple years in, and not have quite the tolerances as name brand ram.

I'd like to toss Crucial out there.


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Addendum: a kingston ram chip failed. Called tech support, they emailed me an RMA and prepaid the freight to ship back. They'll overnight a new piece as soon as they receive the one I send. All for free.

One less headache... and kudos to kingston.
I'll second crucial. They have wonderful warranties reportedly, however I've never needed one.

BTW, on my server running 2 1 gig pc2700 sticks I've had the computer on for almost 24/7 since some time in 2004...


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I side with ExCyber on this.

Even ram by manufacturers I've had great luck with can be complete ass with the right motherboard.

Your best bet is to see what the motherboard maker recommends for what you're using.