Merry Christmas All!


Well, maybe it's a few hours early (but we will still get there first :
: ), but Merry Christmas from Australia to all board members

May you get many Sega related presents and have a happy Sega related new year!

Mr. Moustache

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Gah.. We still have 4 and a half hours to go, but we're in the middle of a huge snow storm, so it looks like I'll be dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know, with slay bells ringin'...

You all have a Merry frigin' Christmas!


Ok, now that it has probably clicked over to a godly hour in most time zones...spill the beans! What did ya' get?

My festive cheer included

Ikaruga (sweet lookin' game, to be sure...)

Splinter Cell (for the 'Box)

A Nissan Skyline :

and a nifty UV LED pen

I know I'm happy

Merry Christmas (for real this time)!


Amongst other things, I got some PCBs

Dynamite Cop - Model 2A

Spiderman and Golden Axe II - System 32

Moonwalker and DD Crew - System 18

Altered Beast - System 16B

I did get to choose them. :


Originally posted by mal@Dec. 25 2002, 2:22 pm

Altered Beast - System 16B

"Wwwise fwom yo festive gwaave!"

Stuff I got:

Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI for the SNES (both in droolable condition

House of the Dead II box set+extra gun (my girlfriend couldn't resist getting herself a 'bangy-bang', as she calls them)

Metroid Fusion

My SNES modified for imports and 60hz, with blue LED put in (couldn't be arsed to get a Gamebit screwdriver)

Headhunter, Power Stone 2 and Capcom vs SNK for DC

Stuff I bought with £ I got given:

Megaman X3 and Nights for Saturn

Bomberman Online for DC

Still got some cash left over, debating getting wireless controllers for the Megadrive (damn those short cords) and Eternal Darkness for Gamecube..

Best things I bought for others were probably a big Bomberman soft toy (made by Sega, strangely) and one of those Pokemon Mini handhelds. That thing is so small it's absurd.

Hope everyone had a good day, hopefully without the Christian propaganda cartoon that's just been on TV here. Everyone who believed in god had soft, calming voices whilst everyone who didn't sounded sort of like evil pirate rapists apparently.


Merry Christmas everyone. It was 5 years ago today, I got Final Fantasy VII. I played it for the first time 5 years ago tomorrow, and well... I'm sure all of you know what happened!


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i didn't bother seeing what i got and the foot and more of snow doesn't help me to get out of here.


Merry Christmas to you all again.

Among other things, my beautiful wife got me a Gameboy Advance (totally unexpected) and a Sony 32MB Microvault

Too bad I have to wait a while for Sonic Advance 2. I'll probably hit Target with one of my gift cards to get the first SA
Although there are a few other GBA games that look tasty.

God bless us, every one!


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Hey, merry x-mas to everyone from Hawaii, been a while since I've posted here.

Anyway, hope you all have a nice day and I wish everyone luck in the new year


Merry Christmas!

the only real video game related thing i got was Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for Xbox. But i did get a new CD burner (40x12x48x as compared to 2x2x8x; big jump) and a s-video to composite converter so i can utilize my tv-out on my video card. Also got a new jacket and gloves and lift tickets for skiing/snowboarding, some clothes, a new backpack, and one of those tiny remote controlled cars. Im very much contented despite the lack of a new video camera and a GBA =)