Metal Gear Solid on Saturn

I don't know yet :borg:

Have you transformed Twisted Metal 3D models to Quads @nando ?
I started but it became apparent that it might be easier to just re-draw them from scratch rather than try a direct conversion. They are really simple anyway, at least the first game is. Most of the levels could be drawn with a couple hundred polygons and 1 VDP2 infinite plane.

Did you use any tools to make the conversion easier or did you draw them from scratch? One thing I actually found hard on PS1 stuff is there seems to be almost no homebrew scene - or at least it's even more obscure than the Saturn homebrew scene. I could have just been looking in the wrong places?

I did find the "Twisted Toolkit" which can export models and textures, and I did use that somewhat - but it was pretty buggy and crashed a lot, and I couldn't find a good way to convert the exported models into a Saturn format (maybe I need to try Blender again).
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I dumped the 3D Models of MGS from the PS1 version with Jayveer's tools. After that I used Blender, GIMP and XL2's great converter.
Did you try to directly rip assets from your Graphic Card?
I actually was able to export the textures juts fine. I'm going to try again to import it into Blender, I don't think I had tried that before.