Metal Slug

How is it that a quite repetative shooter is fun? I mean, I find it fun too, but how? It's nothing special, yet damn addictive! I guess it's just what those SNK guys are all about
How dare you say SNK are about stuff that's 'really nothing special', you little fiend?

Never played the Saturn version, but the amusements place down the road has a cab that's eaten lots of my money. I agree maybe the gameplay is repetetive compared with something similar like Contra which mixes it up by having constant bosses with different patterns, but Metal Slug's attention to detail in the sprites and backgrounds means you can never get bored.
i'd take metal slug 1 for saturn over metal slug x for psx anyday, but neither come close to metal slug 3!
A very good one in fact. In opposition to the original, except some slowdowns, it is perfect. And the saturn's contra was so awful (what a deception!).
Originally posted by Kawickboy@Aug. 17 2002, 9:28 pm

And the saturn's contra was so awful (what a deception!).

I don't class those new one's as Contra games really, but the PS2 one looks to be a return to the old gameplay.
As I have mentioned in other threads, this is one of my most favorite games of all times to the point that I now have every incarnation of it for home console gameplay. It is a bit repetative but the graphics and fun gameplay is what this game is all about. By the way, I have to agree that Metal Slug X was a disappointment but that MS3 was a blast. Just got 4 and cant wait to start playing it.
Great game, great graphics, great everything. This was a revolutionary game in the action category.

Huge bosses, and cool weapons, i give it an A+!!!
definetly a very adictive game. I have it on my mame emulator and just can't stop playing it. It rocks my wrold and as soon as I get my saturn up and running i'm getting it

I am still trying to find MS4 though I dbout i ever will
played and have all the metal slug games.except i never played the or had the saturn version.the neogeo versions rocked.and if the saturn version was only half as good as the neogeo versions then it was a cool game.