Metropolis Street Racer


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Street-Pounding Racing Action!

Choose one of over 40 licensed sports cars and experience bone-jarring realism as you tear through the streets of London, Tokyo or San Francisco. Play on your own or against a friend and earn "Kudos" through your skill, style and precision as you face an ever-expanding series of exciting driving challenges.

  • Race over 200 different routes in 3 international cities
  • Featuring 14 manufacturers including Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Mazda and more
  • Kudos: point system based on beating an opponent who was given a head start, a more powerful car, or points by power sliding and avoiding obstacles
  • Gameplay modes: Kudos Mode, Quick Race, Time Attack and Multi-Player
  • "Real Time Clock" allows you to race in each city at the correct time of day or night

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Simply one of the best racing game I ever played ...

Each car behaves differently, driving with style is rewarded, the number of modes is simply amazing ... I love this game :p
AWESOME game!! I think it has better gameplay than the 2 Project Gotham Racing games that followed on the Xbox.

Definately worth playing to completion (and to get that Nissan Skyline GTR) :)


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This game has sweet graphics for a DC game, and the control is good too. However, I don't think the 'kudos' idea really worked out that well, as you can sometimes get more points for driving shoddily than driving well.
Was too hard to progress mostly because for you to win a car they put really hard times to beat took me a along time to get some cars untill I got online with the DC and just d/l a 100% save.


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You can cheat in the game by selecting a 'best lap' mission, beating the time, and then screwing around and doing donuts for a while. You'll rack up a bunch of kudos and can unlock cars that way. I think there sre still some missions you have to do, but at least you can skip some of the overly difficult ones.
I've played through MSR without using any cheats und funny stuff like described above :p but I honestly didn't find the game really hard , I remember having trouble with beating only 1 challenege for a car (don'

t know which exactly) but that's it.....


for some reason there are still locked tracks, after I finished everything :(

is it some kind of bug, that is well known? (I've got the PAL/EUR Version of MSR)
Awesome game. Has better "feeling" than gotham racing, and cars that I actually see more than one time in the streets (megane coupe, astra and celica). I also like the difference you feel between different kinds of traction.

The only con was that unrealistic bug that gives you best traction in curves, with low-mid cars & above, when using full gas & brake simultanoeusly with abs off (discovered that by accident and became addicted to it).