Microsoft buys\to buy off Sega!

Hi people. Just letting you know something i found rather interesting.

I subscribe to Sega World Weekly e-mails and on this one they mention something about M$ buying out Sega.

Here's what it said...

Microsoft Buys Out Sega?

Just as this issue began sending, we recieved news about

Sega's shares rising. This could just be a rumor, but the

news is posted below. Keep an eye online for further news.

Sega shares rose as much as 17 percent on speculation

Microsoft Corp., the world's largest computer software

maker, may buy out the Tokyo-based company, investors said.

Sega spokesman Hiroyuki Soga said he hadn't heard Microsoft

plans to buy out the video-game developer. Microsoft Japan

spokesman Kazushi Okabe said it he is not aware of any


Sega shares rose as much as 200 yen, or the exchange-

imposed limit, to 1,385 yen in afternoon trading and ended

134 yen, or 11.3 percent higher, at the 3 p.m. market


"Sega's moving on the rumor that Microsoft may be the buyer

of the cross-shareholding with CSK," said Toshio Ogawa, a

manager at Izumi Securities Co. "There is a slight

possibility of this, but it's more that investors are using

this rumor to buy back their shares."

"CSK Corp. is Sega's largest shareholder with about 22.4

percent of the game developer's stock," according to

Bloomberg Data.
WHAT!?! Micro$oft buys Sega? This may not happen! I HATE microsoft! Why! WHY! If they buy Sega, what would i do? This would be the end of the world as I know it...
I doubt it will happen. Even if it does, I wont believe it till I see an offical confirmation. If Sega is bought out though, I would prefer it to be by nintendo.
Didn't you see what the end of the article says?

I think it's very likely that it's a just a rumour (maybe even started by company execs) to buy back (or sell) stock.

Things like this happen all the time in the investment world. For example, many believe that Nortel execs caused the shares to drop the way they did, so they can buy them at a reduced price and then sell them once the company picks up.

Therefore, I'd take this with a grain of salt.
Don't be so sure. If you remember, it wasn't more than a few months ago (around E3) that Microsoft was looking to take up the controlling interest in Sega. However the deal fell through do to several un-named reason (one which I heard was that it was because Microsoft was only interested in the console gaming aspects of Sega and not the parts like Sega's arcade division, etc. Sega however wanted to retain those parts and nixed the deal.)

If you type Microsoft buying Sega, or something similar to that in a search engine, you'll get some old articles on it. I'm also sure there is an old thread on this from a few months back if your interested.
If MS did actually purchase Sega, it'd be an excellent situation indeed, in my opinion. Here's a couple things that I'd see (or wish to see) happen.

Firstly, MS would get Sega's recognition. If anything, they (MS) would probably release the Xbox 2 under Sega's name. Most people wouldn't know that MS and Sega are one in the same unless some net geek told them. Secondly, Sega would have a massive financial backing and wouldn't have to be as hard pressed to turn a profit (that could be a negative though, but I'm assuming only positive things). Finally, all their games would be restricted to one console - case in point: I want to get an Xbox, but Shinobi is on the PS2. I can't afford a PS2 (after buying said Xbox), and probably wouldn't play any games outside of Shinobi. So, then what?

That's what I'd like to see anyways. If anything, I'd hope the technical console details wouldn't be handled by Sega, because we all know how they flubbed that one.

I'd hate for Nintendo to purchase Sega. I still have some hard feelings about the late 80s and the 90s between SMS and NES, and the Genny and Snes. It'd be the ultimate concession of defeat! The fact that Sonic is on the GCN is sad/strange enough.
plus with the way nintebdo has been spending their money and making idiodic decisions over the past 2 consoles, i would hate to see the beloved go down with it. Nintendo is a bunch of morons, who capitalize on cheap gimmicks such as poke your mon and having mario drive a kart, have a party, etc etc..

Way to ruin the franchises, dumshit
I don't think you guys should take this so seriously. If anything, MS will probably just buy a portion of Sega's stock (say 1/4), and then be able to have a voice in the company's stockholder decisions. Like "Hey, I think we should hold a vote on wether or not Sonic Adventure 3 goes to the Xbox... I'll put my 25% in... anyone else want to contribute their votes to fill in the remaining 26%?"
Originally posted by MTXBlau@Nov. 30 2002, 9:49 pm

Finally, all their games would be restricted to one console - case in point: I want to get an Xbox, but Shinobi is on the PS2. I can't afford a PS2 (after buying said Xbox), and probably wouldn't play any games outside of Shinobi. So, then what?

See, that's the dilemma I face now. I dunno what current gen system to get since there's a few games on each I want. Sucks. Anyway, what's the deal with these exclusive titles? Can someone tell me why it would benefit Sega to make a game for one system as opposed to all of them? I would think any bonus given to a company for releasing an exclusive title would be outweighed by profits from sales over multiple systems. Or maybe I don't understand the profit system that well. Can someone enlighten me?
Making a game system exclusive is actually quite beneficial financially. If you think about it, they are getting paid to put less work into one game (i.e., no need to port it once or even twice to maximise profit from the game while still getting money off the producer of the system for just doing that). System exclusive titles also have the major advantage of being written to take best advantage of the target platform, whereas a lot of multi system games don't always appear to have had as much care/attention to detail, especially when you look at the most powerful systems version of the game (case in point being Wreckless on the xbox, which I gather has more levels on the PS2 version, and the PS2 version is thought to be the better version of the game).