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ok, I got mIRC....I am new tro the whole thing...I got it and put in a ick and all that jazz. Then I selected it to connect to a random efnet server in the us....so it goes to connect, says unable to resolve host. so after I try this w/ a few more places, I go to the help. it tells me either the site thing I was tryin to reach was down, or that I have a bad DNS w/ my ISP. I have aohell unfortunatly, j/w if this is the prob. and if so, how do I fix it. If not, then how do I fix it? Thanks guys...I am gettin a XBox modchip soon and need to get GENS Ü.
A lot of the efnet servers don't actually work...try a few others.

Also, if you use a firewall, you'll need to open up port 6667 or 6666 to let mirc work.
trillian will let me do this? hmmm....will have to try that out. and to connect to an efnet server can't I just set it to choose a random one in the US? that's what I am doing and it doesn't work...
Trillian incorporates a very nifty IRC client, I got rid of mIRC long ago
And Trillian does indeed cycle through a group of servers for a given network (be it efnet, undernet, dalnet etc.) until a connection is successful. I think it works great.
Well, My version of Mirc, v6.03, cycles through Efnet servers until it finds a connection. AND If I go to Help>About>and click on the Author's nose it gives a cute squeaky sound like a clown's nose! Does Trillian do that!
Not by default but you can configure the wazoo out of Trillian
And it'll run all kinds of scripts and automated login commands for you too

And an XML GUI is a beautiful thing, too...
Even w/ trillian it wont work....I have tried it w/ like 2-3 servers but to no avail.......How do u set it to try to get into each efnet server? I can only get it to do one at a time.....
For me it just does it automatically... See if you missed a setting somewhere in the preferences...
I select a specific server, too, but it starts cycling through the whole group from there if the selected server doesn't connect... Version 0.74 here.
Trillian even works under linux using crossover plugin by codeweavers and its MUCH faster then in windows!
mine stays on the same one and tries and tries....I connected to one, but they kicked me out for sum reason....can't remember why, it was right when I got in.
hmmm ok, I got onto 1 server (finally!) and joined #xbins....now how do I go about searching for the emus and stuff? and then how do I dl them? Just some commands and basic description should suffice
It should tell you everyhing you need to know when you conenct to the channel...

This topic is starting to sound awfully like something that should not be here...
Ack, sorry about that......didn't mean to get close to breaking the rules....but ya, I messed w/ it for like 20 min and it told me sum stuff. Thanks for all the help guys, appreciate you all putting up w/ my stupidity.....
I hate to sound like an @$$, but since you managed to get into a channel, why didn't you just ask the people in it?