Misbehaving 64pin/21pin Saturn.

ok, so I got a modboard from GameGizmo.com a week ago, and installed the sucker, following MikeG's steps, and using mal's 'one wire solder' method. Worked great, but sometimes, it was flaky, and wouldnt load my games.

I noticed that if I inserted my PAR 5 in 1 cart, it would see the disc as a game, but lock at the "loading game" screen, (in the AR screens). So I did some searching on these boards, and I found that it might be a bad chip/board.

So i decided I would open up the Saturn again, and clean the contacts on the board, and resolder the shoddy job i did on the 5.2v line. When I was done, nothing would boot up. I kept getting the CD screen with no error, meaning the chip was 'bad'. I didnt wanna order another one yet, mostly because I have no money. I tried all of my burned games, and I dont have any originals, so I couldnt try that either.

So i have a 2nd saturn, that was territory modded a while back, but the switch broke, this was before I solderd my modboard recently, and since i had never opened a Saturn before I wasnt about to go in and try to fix it. (had it about 2.5 years) But today was different. I opened it, noticed it was another 64/21pin Saturn, and soldered the 5.2v line, and resoldered the connections on the board properly, (read... better/cleaner) and now the mod works 100% all the time. I *might* have a flaky cartridge slot, but I can live with that. But now, im about 75% done with a "super saturn". All i need is the VCD card, and it will be a Super Saturn! (read with a booming echo, like a superhero)

Anyway, there isnt really any kind of moral here, or tech tips... its just a story of my little victory over adversity.

Oh wait! heres a moral.

Dont trust your saturn. Always have a backup, and try the problematic thing on the GOOD one eventually.
Good to hear that you got it to work OK in the end.