Mobile monitor

I just got a mobile monitor, non-interact, for the Gamecube. It sux @ss. It's really bad. Stay away from these monitors. Anyway, I'm going to return it tomorrow, but I really want a good mobile monitor for college. I have the nice sony mobile monitor for my Psone (a great mm, imo) but they say you can't connect to any other peripheriphals outside of the dv cam. But, I noticed the av input for the crappy gc mobile monitor looks the same as the one on the psone, but the gc mobile monitor came with a composite adapter, three female plugs (red, white, yellow) and the other end is the a/v port thingy. So, is sony lying to me? Is it possible to get one of these adapters and play my GC one the PSone screen? Are there any decent GC mobile monitors out yet? I know this is SX, but dammit, I need help!! Thanks.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Mar 11, 2003 @ 05:58 PM

why don't you try playing it on the ps1 and see?

my thoughts exactly, try it out before you return it and you will solve your question....

To my knowledge you can hook any a/v device to the PSOne monitor as long as you have the right connections.
well don't sony make the PSOne screen? that might explain why it's better -- not that I like Sony's stuff, but it's probably better than whatever 3rd party company made the other