Mobile Suit Gundam (English)

Mobile Suit Gundam (English beta 0.2) Beta 0.2


Resource page: Mobile Suit Gundam (English)

Patch Notes:
- FMV scenes translated using the Gundam Movie subtitles as a foundation.
- Script editing and additional translation by @SoloNerfherder (Special thanks to @malenko )
- 480p Video source is from the PS2 release of Kidou Senshi Gundam (Japan)

Additional notes:
- The game will play cinepak clips encoded using the original stereo audio tracks, but this unsurprisingly created bugs and crashes after Stage 2.
- Translating in-game dialogue is in progress, but not included in this patch. If you would like to help with crystaltile dev, this would be a good project to contribute to for someone with basic skill and a lot of time.
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If you'd like this can still be a resource under translations like the others, the download doesn't actually have to be hosted here. We can just set the download to your gdrive link as external instead (it's an option when creating resources). Then this could be the discussion thread for it. Up to you though!
Over the last weekend I received a completed script submission from @wiredcrackpot, who's recently done some great work on Silhouette Mirage. She's a total pro and is very passionate about contributing to game translations. The speed that she works at is impressive.


We've also figured out some details about how the tilemap for the game's scripted dialogue is formatted and what control we have over it. This was an important issue to resolve so that we could freely move tiles around and not have to try and work around the original tile sequence, each with its own pattern of repeated tiles. An example of one of the lines of dialogue:


There's also a sequential pattern in the header that seems to correspond to the number of 16x16 tiles present in each line. Changing these values has no noticable effect, but the formatting does seem to be used for line breaks. An example of a single row of dialogue with 8 16x16 characters:


An example of a three-line dialogue with FF FF line breaks:


The data is stored and recalled left-right.


With a little work I was able to get it to repeat up to fifteen 16x16 tiles per row.


I crudely attempted to add more tile data to the .MS2 files used to store them above, but without further modifications the game would only load up to the original end of tile data into memory. @Silos is trying to see if this can be done.

That's about it for new developments. I'm going to start creating the new tiles for Stage 1's dialogue now.
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