mod chip? swap? no something else


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Alright i have this idea im not sure if anyone has acted on it but i bet youve probably thought about it...

you know those awful sampler discs you have lieing around, well im wondering could you cut off the outer ring where the copyright is written and make a little thing that clips onto your back up copy and play the game without having to swap or buy a mod chip(for those of you with a model 1). Please post some ideas, i have a bundch floating around in my head you may help me expand.

peace yall gotta go play panzer dragoon saga its my first time and it kicks bootie.
It COULD be done, theoretically.

But try to make a clean cut into a CD without damaging too much of the recording surface... difficult right there. It would limit you to small games that don't have data up close to the outer edge of the disc. Now imagine doing this for every single game you ever burn... I didn't think so! It's just not worth the risk or the hassle and time investment. And who wants to successfully burn a game, then cut up the disc?

So even if it can be done - it's absolutely not worth it. It would be purely a curiosity...
i wasnt thinking of doing it for every game but instead takeing the outer ring of the disk (where the copyright is on a real game)with no center to it and using some plastic sticks or something i dont know what and clipping it to the bottom of the backup. i noticed there is space large enough between the disk and the lens to fit another disk thickness. this then can be swapped from back up to back up all you have to do i snap it on to what ever game you want
There may SEEM to be enough space, but even then, with the copyright ring being lower than the rest of the disc, the laser would have trouble focusing to read the ring - that is if it doesn't just run smack into the thing and get killed immediately - lenses read very close to CD surfaces.

Dude, just get a mod chip.
The laser actually seems to "pop up" a little during reading. If you want to scratch your lens go ahead, but you´ve been warned.
well actually i have a modchip i have a pile of them for most of my systems. but i still love messing around with my videogames, i have such a large collection of them it doesnt bother my much...

shit i own 3 sega saturn alone nevermind the 6 psx's and 8 sega genesis's
If you have three Saturns and like messing around with them, give it a go. Tell us if it works or not.

If it does, that's pretty cool and settles this once and for all.

If it doesn't, that sucks* but it settles this once and for all.

*You may scratch a lens, but hey. You'd still have two working Saturns.
My Saturn may be different than everyone else's, but I can say for sure this would never work on mine. When I load a burned game, it starts searching for the protection ring where the burn ended, rather than at the outside edge like a stamped game. After I swap in an original, it'll move to the outside, but until I pull the copied one out, it never even tries to go out there.
Interesting. How would the Saturn know to look at the outside edge of original game CDs, then - especially if they're small games, hugging the inner edge of the disc? It's not like the TOC points to that copyright ring... I'm actually doubting that this is how it works.

How is your Saturn "different", anyway?
I thought of this myself while ago, I will attempt to make it sometime and tell you guys how it goes.

And I still say that *IF* this method can be gotten to work, this is where that boot disc image will come in handy. If the boot disc can be gotten to work with most games, and someone has access to; a large quantity of copies of Revolution X, Robotica, and FIFA, a lazer engraver that can get exact cuts into the discs, and CD labels, that person will be able to make some very nice cash.
Sorry, but are you saying that: if in a boot disk cuted (only to him)somebody join with protection Line cuted form a sample demo disk original it could boot any disk,

The theory is that if you made a cut on a CDR of the boot disc and on an original in exactly the same place and then attached the security ring from the original to the outside of the CDR you might be able to boot other CDRs without using a modboard or the swap trick.

No one has tried it yet AFAIK, so that's why it's a theory. You'd also have to take into account the limitations of a boot disc; they don't boot all Saturn games.
Can we please, please, PLEASE kill this thread ... things just keep being rehashed over and over and this is leading nowhere

Hey, it's probably been over a month since someone brought up that Yamaha "disct@2" drive or whateverthefuck they call it. We're well over due for another round of that.
These things come and go in waves. I had actually noticed a distinct lack of Fireburner-recommending posts when quite coincidentally the very same day it was recommended to someone with burning problems. Next round of disc-cutting will commence in January but I expect we'll have to wait until February (or March, even) before the Yamaha burner is brought up again.
Why do you mention Fireburner recommendations?

Is that just it's something else that you've noticed goes in cycles?