Modded PS2 W/net adapter FS

I am selling my modded(apple mod 3.0), no swap ps2, just haven't got the time or the interest to use it anymore.... The system comes with the network attachment, 2 controllers, 2 memory cards,a keyboard and a bunch of stuff that is unmentionable, you can email me with any questions that you have about the system. It is in perfect working condition with no scratches or problems

I would like to get 400$ for the whole bunch(plus shipping) If yourinterestedlet me know your area code and i can approximate the shipping cost
ANd since I am stupid I forgot to add if anyone wants to make an offer go ahead, just cause i want 400 doesn't mean i won't take less
You do realize that Playstation 2 are selling off for less than $150 on eBay these days? Right? I think you're asking too much, even with what's included.
Yes I realize that, but a premodded system, especially with a no -swap chip (that everyone knows is a pain in the ass to install)goes for a lot more, and i am including all that i have , but we can not talk about that here, but that is why i added if anyone wants to offer me i might take it, if i don't get what i want then so be it.
Ok since a few people have now told me that the price is def too high for the ps2, i will take $300 for it,so if anyone is interested please email me. I would like to get rid of it as soon asposible

just so you know i had the same setup you did (cept with an ultra 2 chip) with 40 dvdr games and only got $300 shipped.