modding a MK-80200-50

I want to mod a PAL Saturn MK-80200-50 (oval buttons, plus the power and access LEDs) I think it is 20 pin, if I counted right. Well the inside looks somewhat different than the pics i've seen in modding instructions on several sites. Thats why I am kinda uncertain where to start. First of all i of course need a chip that supports 20 pin. The only link I found was>Anyone knowing of other links please tell me. Also I would be thankful for any instructions for modding this saturn model or replies of anyone having experience with it. Thx in advance.
getting a 20 pin mod is #### near impossible.

the modchip they have pictured is NOT 20 pin compatible.
I doubt any of them are manufactured anymore. I believe they're all old stock. I'm also pretty sure that they came from HK. In HK things are current or dead [try finding an old VCD or VHS tape in most Chinese videostores]. The Sat was big in HK for a while, and the models that were biggest there where the white ones. I remember lotsa HK dealers selling Saturns - guess what... ONLY the white ones. I've been told all the white Sats were 21pin - e.g. more market for 21pin modboards. By the time I was trying to find a modboard [mid 1999] for my first Sat every single HK dealer I could find had zero 20pin boards. I promptly sold my two oval Sats, and loaded up on the round boys [had four at one time - now only two :(]. Oddly enough, the guy in HK I got my 21pin boards [@$11 each] from got about ten 20pin boards [@$30 each] in stock a few months later. Sadly, the pressure from the Chinese authorities got to be too much for him, so he stopped his business - e.g. don't bother asking for his edress you 20pin people.

Anyway, in some wherehouse or storeroom, somewhere in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon HK there may be a gang of 20pin modboards. But until someone finds 'em... the 20pin kidz are pretty much TSOL.