Model 1 60hz mod

I tried linking both sides of JP1 but that didn't work, and there's no hole coming out from pin 79 whatsoever.

What should I do?
you can lift pin 79 and solder to that. but you'll have to be VERY careful, the pin is tiny and breaks off very easily.make sure to tape down the wire.
Does that mean I will have to break the pin from the main board? Do I have to solder two other wires to +5V and 0V as well?

Are you sure that this would work? I don't want to ruin my Saturn. This board isn't VA-7 or VA-9 (boards used on the websites).
Yes, and yes. Soldering directly to pin 79 of the 160-pin chip always works, provided you do it correctly of course. Be VERY careful, it's very easy to snap the pin.


1) Lift pin 79 (i.e. use a soldering iron to heat the pad, then lever the pin up so it no longer makes contact with the board - a small pin or sewing needle can be used as a lever).

2) Solder a wire to pin 79 (tape the wire down so it doesn't move about) and solder the other end to the middle pin of a SPDT toggle switch.

3) Wire one of the outer pins of the toggle switch to the 0v pin of the power supply, and the other outer pin to the +5v pin of the power supply.