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I need the site to perform the fuse repair on the model 1 sega cd system, I strongly believe its why the system will not power up.
Corect me if I am wrong, but I do believe the fuse on my model 1 is blown, which that may be the cause of my problem. I tested a fuse in a dead model 2 of mine and there was a reading on my multimeter, I then proceeded to test the fuse on my model 1 and there was absolutely no reading at all. does this sound correct to any of you? (this goes to Arakon)

I'm sorry for all the questions, I just have never repaired a sega cd system before, I have tinkered around with my other systems quiote a bit but not the scd.
well, you shouldn't get a reading of some sorts, you have to check for continuity. if both sides of the fuse are connected, the fuse is good. if they are not, the fuse is blown.
oh yeah.. if your multimeter doesn't have a continuity checker, try this: plug in the system, hold one of the multimeter probes to ground (set it to voltage reading), and the other to both spots of the fuse. you should be getting a voltage reading (pretty much the same too) on both spots. if you get a reading on only one, it's blown. if you get no reading at all, that's not the fuse :p
Actually, i'll need your help again, i figured out what was wrong after systematically disassembling the system, take a look

NOw the question I have to ask you, do you have any dead m1 scd's that you could possibly disassemble and send me that part? its basically the whole back panel of the system. Pissed me right off to see that. I apologize for all the questions I asked too. If you have that part (837-8953 ic bd mega-cd sub bd export) I'd need it pretty badly obviously.
I'm too lazy to take apart my scd now, but that's not that uncommon.. some chips get pins connected for different settings.

I don't have any defective scd1's around right now.
Well, a blown fuse should be easy to replace and repair. Most older systems, Saturn era and older, use standard fuses that you can pick up in a hardware store. I'd have to see a picture of the culprit to be sure, because I'm not terribly familiar with Sega CD anatomy.
If the pics still worked you;d see that the whole power assembly board of my M1 SCD was burned to a crisp right behind the power adapter socket. I'm not in need of a fuse, but rather the whole board for power to my scd unit. If I can get that part, the system should work fine as the laser assembly and the main board are in perfect condition.
Well, unless the power section was on FIRE, building an entirely new copy would be a moderately amusing project. The only difficulty would be getting the acid to etch a new board. My Sega CD is suffering from some unknown ailment. I WISH it was a power problem.
Yeah, mine lookedl ike it was on fire, a nice section of it was burned. All i'm looking for is a completely new power board piece so i can just pop that in and get the m1 working, then eventually sell it off.