Moods and Games

I mean when the day is in a certain way (Air, or spring weather, fall, winter) different smells etc... reminds me of games and moods.. Like fall weather reminds me of Lunar and all and Vay and how I like playing it during that time. Winter, I play final fantasy etc..

FF2 I ALWAYS had smores pop tarts to start the game... I mean diff settings etc... how many of you have the same thing? Like or rem a game with certain smells or settings of the weather?
One of my favourite hobbies is the mountain... long days alone, climbing and walking without seeing a shity human... it remainds me a lot of RPGs... my favourite games as well. I love Blade Runner and Snatcher too, dark cities, hostil enviroment, technology... in this case, my whole aspect can remaind this atmosphere

Summer reminds me of playing my old Sega CDX years ago when I first bought it.

The first game I played when I got it hooked up was Sonic CD. At the time I was literally blown away but the sound that it had, up till then I had never played a CD system.

I stayed up well past 2am playing Sonic CD.

That first night I had a Tombstone pizza and a cold Mountain Dew while playing that game.

When ever I have one of those foods, I am reminded of that night.

Although the CDX has come and gone, I still have a Dew when I play Sonic CD just like I did then.
i unlike most can remember events of my life to almost an exact. Since i played my video games all the time when i was growing up i have no distinct thing that i associate with games. since i spent many years of my life sitting around playing them.(good thing i outgrew that and now i sit around doing nothing online all the time woooowhooooo)
Winter reminds me of when I used to hang around with these kids who were a few years older than me, the only people I knew with Megadrives. Used to swap games and stuff. I remember borrowing this Ghostbusters game from Japan they all thought was really difficult, but I managed to finish it and impress them all with my skills, hehe. Anyway, when I used to go up to that end of town it always seemed to be snowing.. Came off my bike and grazed my knee going up there once
. So snow reminds me of that.. And any games I might've got for Christmas as a kid (World of Illusion comes into my head).
Summer reminds me of playing sonic the hedgehog one on my genny long long ago ... woo a whole 11 years
No school, wake up at 8 am and stop playing at 4 pm. No saving certianly was a bitch.

Fall reminds me of playing duke nukem 64 on my n64. No idea why, but it does.

Spring reminds me of playing final fantasy 8 since i got it in the spring and that's the only game i played all that season.

winter... winter reminds me of playing shenmue. I got it christmas and it's consumed me. Sitting in my basement with crappy electric heating and five blankets piled on me, a cup of hot chocolate and a high-stakes game of darts really sets the mood.
Its funny how we rem what we ate, drank during our games.... isnt it? yet if I ask you what did you eat or drink last night you wouldnt know =P
My memory care less about season/wheather, since all seasons looks the same around here.

But I have dinstinct memories attached to certain games. When I play them now, I remember how it was when I first played them (or when I played them to DEATH, hehe).

Phantasy Star IV gets me all depressed... Collums 3 and Sonic 1 makes me remember an old friend I had when I was a kid, Megaman X games makes me remember the times I went way too often to the game playing stores... memories all mixed together...
Sonic 1 First thought, That Garden lvl (zone 2?) when the land comes down on you I think

Mario 3.. whistles, stage 4 with white block, BIG world, and frog suits.
Yeah, I get that feeling a lot too. I get thoughts of Ultima VII and Need For Speed III/IV (usually triggered by the smell of fires in the fall). I like those little towns you race through, very peaceful. I also get weird Sonicish moods too now and again (usually thinking about Springyard Zone). Can't forget when I'm in the alone in the woods and get flashes of Myst. And when it rains and I think about the opening sequence in Twinsen's Odyssey. It goes on and on...