More Broadband Adapters on the way

"Japanese hardware manufacturer CSI has confirmed plans to make a limited quantity of Dreamcast broadband adapters due to overwhelming demand...CSI plans to manufacture 1,000 additional Dreamcast broadband adapters, and will begin accepting preorders for the units on August 26...CSI expects the broadband adapters to sell out within two weeks."
that would be great, too bad no word on how much? still great news for dreamcast fans none the less.
Hatecrime69, I'm 99% sure that they will. The LAN adapters are freakin' useless unless you know how to code.

Supergrom, these more likely than not will not be sold in normal stores. They're being sold via pre-order basis only, probably through D-Direct. I'm sure will get their hands on some.

If they sell well, CSI is going to consider making more.
Well the real point is, since Sega's taking their servers down at the end of the year, how do you plan on playing these games online unless someone reverse-engineers the server software and hacks the games to connect to their servers?
i doubt you will see pso v2 staying up once the gc version is available

some of the servers have already been taken down as it is anyway for the testing of the gc one