Aiight, here is the situation now, i opened up my japanese saturn(grey with blue buttons) to reveal dat i don't have a mod, (the guy ripped me off), and the thing with this, it is a model 1 i'm assuming, cuz of the round buttons, now i've been looking at pics of what the inside of the saturn looks like, and none of them look like mine!!!, and to make things worst, i can't find the the latch thing to keep my lid open!! Oh Plz HELP ME, I'm dying to play this thing and another thing is, does the type of dye on the cd-rs make some games work and other don't? cuz i've burnt games on silver/gold colour bottom dye and they don't work (yes, i converted the region code to J) and i've tried using .bins, and .iso & .wav, and i have a ricoh burner.

If you can help me out, Thank YOU!!
yeah, i guess, i was just fustrated with one problem, and then trying to hard, and causing another problem, but i calmed down and solved everything, with some thanks to SegaXtreme miscellaneous section