Mouse Issues


Mid Boss
So I have two mice hooked up to my PC, one touchpad (built into the keyboard) and regular wheel mouse (for gaming). The wheel mouse is PS/2, and the touchpad is serial.

For some reason, the touchpad doesn't work in Windows98, and with hardware detection, it doesn't even detect its existence. However, under Windows2000, both function pretty well.

By preference I'd like to use the touchpad in both OSes, and it's getting a bit annoying. Any ideas?

The touchpad has a PS/2 adapter, and previously I was using it like that. I was wondering if possible if I could use a PS/2 Y-Cable? I know it's made for notebooks to use a keyboard and mouse, but can a desktop PC handle two PS/2 items in one port?

Thanks for any and all info...
Thats a complicated probelm.

I think the main issue is either with Win 98 or which ever driver you are using. I have an older laptop that has an inbuilt touchpad (allegedly PS2) that I use a serial mouse with. It is running 95.

When the mouse is plugged in, the touchpad does not work. Unplug the mouse and it works again (although this is not "hot swappable"). Now my problem is that I think I am using a serial mouse driver (an official MS one for an official MS mouse, IIRC) and so when it is loaded, it won't recieve input from the PS2 port.

What I'm driving at is I think if you use both a generic PS2 driver AND the splitter cable you should be fine...maybe.

Getting back to Win 98 - it may be incapable of reading two sets of mouse input. I'm not sure about that. My other laptop running Win XP has both an inbuilt touchpad (PS2) and a USB mouse - both work happily together.

Maybe getting a USB mouse would solve your problems?